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Letter from the President



Dear Friends,


On behalf of the 2500 plus Korean American Pastors, and their millions of congregation members, who make up the Korean Church Coalition (KCC) in the United States and abroad, I would like to extend our warmest greetings to you, in the name of our Lord.


KCC was formed in 2004 as a non-partisan and non-denominational Christian organization. Our main purpose is to bring an end to the sufferings endured by our brothers and sisters in North Korea, as well as China and other parts of the world, through non-violent means.


On September 27, 2004, KCC held its first inaugural conference at the LAX Hilton, which was attended by over 2000 Korean American Pastors. Since February 2005, regional churches of the KCC have been hosting prayer vigils throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad, which was attended by millions of Koreans. Currently, KCC now has representative pastors located in every major city and state in the United States.


Since that inaugural event in 2004, one message came through with a consistent and moral clarity, from the prayers of hundreds of thousands of Koreans in the United States and around the world: "Let the North Koreans Go Free."


Currently, over 300,000 North Korean Refugees are living in China. Yet, China refuses to recognize them as refugees, and treats them as criminals. They stand by and watch as North Korean girls and women are kidnapped and sold and resold as sex slaves. They stand by and watch as North Koreans work as slaves for shelter and food. And when these North Korean refugees seek help from the authorities, or ask to be sent to a third country that is willing and able to accept them, they repatriate them back to North Korea, where five out of six are murdered in prison. China is responsible for all of these abuses and for the murder by the North Korean government of numerous refugees.


With the passing of Kim Jong Il, the time has come Christians around the world to pray that our Lord will grant wisdom to the leaders of the world who have the power to solve the disastrous situation in North Korea. That Christians around the world will have the courage to unite and stand together and pray for our suffering North Korean brothers, sisters and orphans until the shackles of bondage is finally broken.  That the leaders of North Korea will be moved by the democratic movements of the world and seek justice and religious freedom for their fellow countrymen.  That the sacrifices of the many Christians over the past 65 years in North Korea will finally bear fruit, and that the Cross of our Lord Jesus will once again prominently be erected in Pyongyang Square.   


Until that that, the member pastors of the Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom and the Christian community around the world will not rest nor stop praying and with our Lord on our side, we will not fail.     



In His Grace,


Rev. Peter I. Sohn

President, KCC