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Who We Care

Currently, North Korean refugees residing in China are classified as "illegal economic migrants," and are treated as criminals and jailed if captured. They are repatriated back to North Korea where they are tortured, starved, and even murdered in one of its fourteen gulags.


The Chinese authorities watch as young girls and women from North Korea are kidnapped by the Chinese sex traffickers and sold into prostitution and forced marriages. Many of these women end up pregnant and bear children who are abandoned. And the cycle of misery continues as these babies, if they survive, have no citizenship or protection under Chinese law. The time has long passed for us to speak on behalf of these orphans and North Korean refugees in China.  


KCC will continue to speak even louder, pray even harder on behalf of our fellow brothers, sisters and orphans, who cannot speak out on their own. We will not stop or rest until Freedom and Protection is finally won for all. With God on our side, we will prevail.