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STOP (Save The Oppressed People from North Korea)

Nowadays thousands of North Koreans are risking their lives and making their escape into other countries,

including China, in search for food.


The Chinese authorities, however, are capturing and sending the North Korean refugees back to North Korea

rather than helping them.


Once the refugees are repatriated back to North Korea, they are stripped of all human rights and subject

to severe torture, starvation, and even murder.


Please join us in our efforts to protect  the right of the North Korean refugees.  Here is how you can participate.



      1. Take a picture of yourself with a catch phrase asking the Chinese government to help the North Korean

           refugees. You can download sample banner by clicking the link below or make your own.


      2. Share the picture with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, or other social network services. 

          Please use the hash tag #STOP for this campaign.


      3. Share the youtube video to your friends to spread the STOP campaign.

          There are several language versions of the campaign video available.



English -
French -
Korean -


- Coming soon -
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

Press here to download "STOP Banners"